• KOHH 528X476



Japan has never been known for its hip-hop scene. KOHH may just be the one to change all that. Over several years, the rapper produced mixtapes, one after another. In 2014, he released his debut full-length, Monochrome. But it was 2015 that lauded KOHH with the attention he deserves. His guesting on It G Ma, the YouTube viral smash by Korea’s Keith Ape, left a mighty huge impression on viewers. He layered on the buzz with two albums, a mixtape and a truckload of videos. KOHH’s Dirtrelease, a combination of rock influences and defiant positivity brewing in dark, hard undertones, popped at no. 2 on the indies chart and nabbed the top spot on iTunes’ hip-hop chart just 30 quick minutes of its launch. June 2016 ushered in Dirt II. Is it as good as Dirt? You tell us. 


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