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Laneway in the loop #3 - Electronic/Experimental

Somewhere along the way, electronic dance music morphed into a music genre. It ain’t true. Electronic dance music, or EDM, is technically not even a sub genre.

The confusion is understandable, we reckon. Electronic music designed for dancing, hence EDM. So there is the electronic music universe, and parked in there – just a small space – is EDM.

House, techno, trance, dubstep, and drum and bass are sub-genres of electronic music. Each of these sounds differs and has its own audience. But the common element among them and several other electronic music categories is that all are ingrained with a hard-hitting, percussive and repetitive sound.

Hope you’re still with us.

We at Laneway like looking at EDM as a period in the dance music annals, where in rave culture surged into the American mainstream after years of reigning supreme in Europe and Australia.

Electric Daisy Carnival, anyone?

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Swimming with EDM in the same pool is experimental music: broadly accepted yet not well defined; an awkward fit because it is commonly misunderstood to be a genre.

Essentially, experimental music is any production that veers from the conventional, is possibly a hybrid of disparate forms or is just downright out of this world.

If thoughts of experimental rock, experimental jazz, experimental rap or experimental any-music-genre have come up, you’re strolling down the right path.

At Laneway, we are great foragers of indie music. The genres don’t matter to us. We just want to bring you good music, some new, some not-so-new but definitely good.

Laneway Festival Singapore 2017 also features Bob Moses, Floating Points (DJ set), Jagwar Ma, Tycho and other great electronic acts - catch them all.

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Those flying in for the 14-hour stretch of music, fun and more music on 21 January 2017 will have access to the special Laneway packages at The Warehouse Hotel, a manifestation of old-school Singaporean charm and modern efficiency.

The site of The Warehouse Hotel is part of a historic quarter of Singapore. In 1895, it was three godowns – or warehouses – structured along a trade route connecting Singapore and the Strait of Malacca.

Later on, the area intensified to become a hotbed of activity, legal and otherwise. (Refer to your history textbook or better yet, let your imagination roam.)

A different kind of noise blossomed in the warehouse in 1986. Singapore’s largest disco took root. The Warehouse disco was the go-to place for party-loving folk. The music played on for a decade.

Presenting The Warehouse Hotel:

- 121

- 1,536.2 square metres, a tad larger than an Olympic-size swimming pool.

- 37, Muted tones reign. Ask for a room with a double-high ceiling, a peaked roof and original industrial details.

- 27 square metres, Warehouse Sanctuary to 57 square metres River View Suite

- 1 ,Po. Mod-Sin extraordinaire Willin Low, he of Wild Rocket fame, is the man in charge. On the menu, expect Low’s signature adeptness at creating character, serving up visual beauty paired with an exhilarating uplift of local flavours.

- 3 phases To reflect the history of the building:
Phase 1: rustic, spice-driven concoctions derived from the period of trading cornucopia.
Phase 2: house-crafted spirits to acknowledge the forbidden underworld distilleries that made their presence felt.
Phase 3: fresh, flirty cocktails as homage to the hotel’s most recent incarnation as a disco.


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