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Laneway in the loop #4 - Asian Persuasion

Throughout Laneway's festival circuit since 2014, Singapore has been the only city featuring Asian acts performing solely in the country. And we are proud to maintain the standard.

In 2014, Laneway Festival Singapore made Laneway history by including homegrown acts. The Observatory, Gema and Vandetta were our pioneering performers. A year later, Pastel Lite from Malaysia joined Singaporean bands .gif and Hanging Up the Moon.

Then came the big one in 2016: Not only did we have eight regional gigs, the local collective, Syndicate, curated our fourth stage.

That year, Fauxe (Phyla Digital), Kiat & Kane (Syndicate), RAH (Darker Than Wax & Revision Music), Mean, Cheats, Cashew Chemists, GDJYB, Intriguant and R!ot in Magenta made up the Asian chunk of the festival’s lineup.

Bigger and better has always been our goal, so for 2017, local artistes Sam Rui, T-Rex and Astreal, Indonesia’s Bottlesmoker and Stars & Rabbit, and Japan’s Wednesday Campanella and KOHH share the Asian limelight.

They are as good as they come, so come on down!

tile bottlesmokertile kohhtile stars rabbittiles wedcampsave your skinIf you don’t know by now that the sun ages skin, tsk tsk. Don’t get us wrong – we love the sun and what it does for us. But, really, there’s no reason to neglect your skin while you have the time of your life at Laneway.

Fourteen festival hours, including six hours of fun in the sun. Phwoar. Your skin will thank you if you slap on the sunblock.

A ton of sun care products is available out there. Pick from affordable pharmaceutical brands or established skincare names, such as Kiehl’s. The American brand's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++ will please even the most extreme fusspot with its oil-free, fragrance-free, colourant-free and non-comedogenic formula.

We cannot stress it enough: Love your skin. Treat it well. Besides, the premature prune look is never in.

Sunscreen Shopping Tips

Go For Broad

Broad spectrum, that is. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is one that protects the skin from ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, both of which can cause cancer. Apply it at least 30 minutes, preferably two hours, before sun exposure.

SPG 30 or Higher

The number indicates how well a sunscreen protects you from sunburn. Say you usually start to burn after 30 minutes in the sun. A sunscreen with an SPF of 2 means you can stay out one hour, or twice as long. Technically, it’s not wrong to conclude that the higher the number, the greater the protection. But things are more complex than that.

Suffice to say: Choose a sunblock with an SPF range between 30 and 50, the latter boasting the ability to stave off 98 per cent of UVB rays. The lotion or cream should also include a combination of UVA-blocking ingredients zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, ecamsule, and oxybenzone.


Sunscreens are not waterproof or sweatproof. They need to be reapplied. We repeat: They need to be reapplied.

Bag it and do your bit for the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation!

Astreal's Ginette Chittick, artist, DJ, educator, fashion designer and musician, will create a limited-edition tote bag - sold ONLY at Laneway Festival Singapore 2017. Pay as you wish although we do hope you will dig deep into those pockets as all proceeds will head straig to the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation.

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