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Pre-sale Lucky 7 bundle ticket release for Laneway 2017

Singapore’s ultimate music party is back. And super early birders get first dibs!

It’s our seventh year, and seven being the world’s favourite number, a really special deal lasting just seven days has been put together for Laneway fans.

From 7 to 13 September, 50 sets of Lucky 7 bundles comprising seven tickets at $777 will be available daily. With each ticket costing $111, Laneway attendees will ring up an irresistible 40% discount off the $185 entry price.

At $111 to take in 30 acts playing across four stages over a span of 14 hours, the Lucky 7 bundles are expected to be snapped up shortly after the promotional period begins.

In 2016, 13,000 people thronged the sell-out Laneway Festival Singapore, which featured 27 performers from seven countries.


Lucky 7 bundle: 7 tickets at $777
7 to 13 September 2016

Tickets will be available at SISTIC:


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